The Green Deal

We all know apps to avoid food waste like  Too Good To Go or  PaperKarma to avoid the use of unnecessary paper and  reGAIN to use second hand clothes. Well in the same line we are now introducing 2moovIT, an app to avoid transport waste.

20% off all trucks is driving empty, without a load! Almost 34 billion empty miles through Europe, every year. Try to imagine the amount of wasted diesel and unnecessary pollution….

Our mission?

Reducing…. As much as possible.


Our app will make it 10 times more easy for each transport company to find a reload.


Stefan’s truck is unloading in Spain next week. His job? To find a matching reload for that truck. (Stefan does more than 20 trucks a day, he is a machine!). But all human machines have limits. So even with Stefan’s capacity he will be able to call approx. 100 possible clients a day asking for a reload. Off course, the next day all this will start over again…. and again….

How easy will it be if Stefan can just swipe some loads or check them out on a map? Looking if there where any reloads offered by the more than 550+ users of 2moovIT!

If found, he can even bid on it through the application. Mr. Carlos from Spain will be very happy to accept Stefan as a 5 star rated user from 2moovIT. The match is made! With our app as the perfect tinder this connection will light up in no time. Our system will automatically send Carlos address to Stefan and visa versa. They can do business now. The transportation deal! Without our interference and without having to call a million people…. Just Carlos and Stefan, matched by 2moovIT.

Stefan saved more than 1500 empty kilometers… good for 450 liter diesel or 1.19 ton CO2!

How do we know?

1 liter of diesel weighs 835 grammes, diesel consist for 86.2% of carbon or 720 grammes of carbon per liter diesel. In order to combust this carbon to CO2, 1920 grammes of oxygen is needed. The sum is then 720+1920 = 2640 grammes of CO2/liter diesel.

An average consumption of 30 liters/100 km then corresponds to 30l x 2640 g/l /100 (km) = 792 g CO2/km è 1500 km = 1,19 ton CO2.

Compared to yourself, a basic family in Belgium will exhaust 3.51 ton CO2 a year. Stefan can save this amount before lunchtime! (If he wakes up very early…. or if he uses 2moovIT)

The best carbon is carbon that is never emitted. So we encourage every company to reduce and avoid as much emissions as possible. The 2moovIT app will help you doing that, just by avoiding empty miles in trucking.

We at 2moovIT still think that’s not enough. We want more! Endless more…

That’s why we offer the to our customers. If applied for the green deal you will wave away 200 miles from your counter and order a magic tree, planted by one of us!

And no, we don’t like to shovel and we don’t like to get dirty… but we do like to breathe!

So apply for the green deal now!